What makes a good writer?

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To become a good writer the most vital principle is, ‘Learn to read, read to learn’. A competent writer always reads, to bring out the desired words a lot of quality input is required. It doesn’t matter what you read, it can be anything that interests you. Pour your thoughts in the parchment, whenever you get a novel idea, you should jot it down. The eccentricity of the idea doesn’t matter, those quirky ideas will eventually flourish into the great ones.

Before researching a topic unplug yourself from all your resources and just meditate on the topic. Having a deep discussion on the subject with someone else helps a lot, while conversing you may come up with some unique ideas. Edit and re-edit your work and sometimes your older pieces too, it will refine your writing style and skills.

Points to include in a fiction:

-write something which both you and the reader knows

-write about which the reader doesn’t and reveal it in the end

-write that which the reader knows but one or more characters of the story dont

-fight of good vs evil

-the hero falls many times and rises in the end

-the villain is following a plan.


Your writing is your reflection, better not make it fuzzy.

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