Is social networking putting an end to true and sincere relationships?


‘My life is an open book’, the advent of social networking has given the cliché a literal sense. Social networking has entirely changed the meaning of communication today, giving us the feeling of being a writer, director and the actor of some kind of movie. But we know everything has its pros and cons; knowledge has no limits, and an idea can be stretched both ways, positive as well as negative. The outcome depends upon the way one wields the tool, the reason Batman never globalized his marvelous inventions.

We cannot deny the fact that social networking affects our relationships profoundly, but it’s a myth that the modern day communication via social networks can end a true and sincere relationship. yes it may complicate and surely increase the amplitude of emotions in a relationship but eventually a relationship dies only due to the lack of trust and affection.

Being curious about what others are involved in especially our partner, is our natural tendency, it’s a human predisposition which social networking is making effortless. Some people find it very easy to share their feelings over the web than otherwise, and now you can please your loved ones in a lot more different ways. You can pass love notes or cheer up someone by tossing encouraging words time to time. Your friends can give you advice when they see you facing a difficult phase and lend appraisal support during your progression.

Social Networks may be a reason to arise temptation to cheat as it is easier to deliver lies over the web but infidelity existed even before the internet, so one cannot put the blame entirely on social networking sites. But yes, social networks are a curse for those who are broken hearted, as it’s really hard to forget someone when their news is flashing around you every time. We may also get beguiled easily over the internet. Moreover, social networking has minimized the flavor of mysteriousness, which makes a relationship a bit saucy.

Ultimately, in any relationship what matters most is the trust factor, it’s the fundamental foundation of any relationship, the more you possess, the more you receive. Remember that the real friends understand even when they don’t.


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