The wise farmer and the wild bear



This is an old story belonging to those ancient times when the animals had the ability to talk like humans. Story begins when an old farmer has a dispute with his landlord over the land. The landlord seized his farm just before the harvesting time. He was left only with a hoe, a harrow, a bullock and a cart.


The farmer had no family and lived alone; he was a very quick witted and hardworking man. The farmer had faith on god, even after what happened, he didn’t lose hope and planned strategy to earn for his living. He sold the harrow and bought some food to last for a month and dry radish seeds. He then took the seeds and his hoe to a nearby forest, there he started digging the land with his hoe. A bear saw him and came towards him running. The farmer didn’t even flinch and ordered the bear to stop. The bear came to halt right in front of him and growled, “I will break your bones and eat your flesh.” The farmer replied to him calmly, “You can do that, but don’t you see I am growing vegetables here, they will mellow in a month then there be a lot of food for both of us to last whole summer”. Hearing this, the bear said “I will not eat you, but since this forest is mine, we will divide the yield equally”. The farmer said, “You can keep the stems, and I will take the roots, but you see I am very old and this is taking a lot of time, you have to help me dig the forest”. The bear agreed and dig the forest land with his strong claws very soon while the farmer rested under a tree. After the ground had been dug, the farmer sowed all the seeds. The farmer then went home.

One month later, he came back to the forest and saw large radishes. Suddenly, the bear came over, they both harvested the yield and as per the deal the bear took the stems and farmer took the roots. The farmer loaded his bullock cart with the radishes and went to the market. He sold all the radishes and made a lot of money. The farmer bought a piece of land and sowed wheat in it. On the day of harvest when the farmer arrived at the farm, he saw the bear waiting there for him. Seeing the farmer, the bear growled, “I will rip you apart, you cheated me. I ate some of the roots that were lying on the forest floor, and they tasted a lot better than the stems, now I will eat you.” The farmer calmly replied, “If you liked the root you can take all the roots this time and I will take the stems.” The bear agreed and took the roots, and the farmer took all the stems and quickly departed. Bear chewed and chewed the woody roots and injured his mouths. The bear writhed with pain and cursed the farmer, from that day till today, bears and farmers are known to be arch enemies.




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