Those who want to end it all for keeps.

Feelings of self-doubt and paltriness may sometimes lead anybody to the desire of committing suicide, such feelings may arise in any one but before contemplating your reasons to die, please think about the aftermath of your action, the devastating experience for those you are leaving behind. Remember, suicide is an immutable solution to an evanescent issue. Everything changes, nothing lasts forever except death. Even nature reflects so much about life. The mountains show us that life is full of ups and downs, the sea says that sometimes there’ll be calm but a storm will also enter in our lives at times, the sun says there’ll be light but there’ll be darkness too, the ripples on a lake when stone hits the water also indicates there’ll be highs as well as the lows. We need to accept the terms of life and should not give up easily.


If someone is having suicidal thoughts it’s true that we cannot understand or realize the troubles he/she is going through, but I do know that the pain is tormenting him/her and flooding out. What do you say about the infliction you will cause unto hundreds of people around you by committing such an act when you could work out a better solution by trying hard? The circumstances may be against you now but remember no problem exists without the answers. If you kill yourself, you disperse the suffering among many people, it doesn’t only cause effect on the ones around you but everyone who is in touch with you as well as your family. God will never do anything to you which is not for your betterment, he takes our tests to strengthen us, and once the storm is over we won’t be the same person who went in, that’s what it’s all about.

I’ve never thought of committing suicide, but having lost a family member to suicide, I am aware of what it leaves in those lives which are left behind. They who lose someone in such a way get wounds which are deep and everlasting. A suicide leaves behind many hopes shattered, dreams which were never realized, all the what-could’ve-beens, strong feelings of vexation or indecision and sometimes we are left wondering why. The intensity of grief in a suicide bereavement is more profound compared to the suffering following a natural death. A suicide not only exacts a heavy toll on the surviving family members’ mental health but can evoke a series of after-shocks that can impact the family system for years. With time the feelings may start to diminish but the memory always remains.

Suicide can be prevented through education and public awareness. School-based interventions involving self-esteem enhancement, crisis management, and the instigation of coping skills and constructive decision making, can minimize the suicidal tendency among the youth. Adequate treatment of depression, alcohol and substance abuse can also reduce suicide rates.

Since we don’t come to this world by our own choice, we shouldn’t leave by one.

It might seem contradicting but to state that suicide is stupid and meaningless is far too casual a judgement disregarding the pain the deceased person experienced and I won’t regret saying that all those who have found life not worth living were enceinte as they were those among us who embraced death in this world where everyone wants to live, may all such souls rest in heaven.


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