The Ghostword  

You can’t see me with your eyes

I am outside you are inside

When we meet it feels like a lie

I don’t know why I feel you.

Leave me and you’ll forget me

You’ll reach where you used to be.


The time, the matter and the energy

Neither gets born nor do they expire.

The universe like pain can’t be measured

Life can’t be the truth, death can’t be the liar.

Nothing here is exceptional except the unknown

His weapon is memory alone.

His anti is the pauper,

Devil’s existence makes him improper.

Now you can’t get any tenants

As everyone else is blinded

Believe me if they weren’t

They’d had found you and became enlightened.

Discover your duty,

Play for the secret audience

I’ll see you and you’ll see me

That will end this mutiny.

Love is the only thief,

That defeats the meditating beast.

Reach me after I am gone

To reach the home of the unknown

You need to become an unknown

Here everyone is alone.

And when the deaf becomes mute

The mirror will finally see the news

Everyone will become illiterate except you.

The One is wrong or the One is right

All are wrong or all are right;

These worlds are yours and mine.


You may take the throne

You may take me

You may take none

You may take both

You take nothing.

One good happened

One bad happened

Both happened

None happened

You happened.

One came and left

One came and stayed

One never came

One will come

One is here.

If you choose devil;

You will have to pay

Not pay

Make a deal

Choose me or yourself.

Now one of them has left, if you find it

Kill it

Love it

Have mercy on him

Make him friend

Think it’s like me and you

See, we made it come back.

Fifth is the one who decides your age

There is also a sixth who never dies

He can sell all the five.


“His followers you should go ahead

Who want to go back must carry hope

I will not know what you chose

Believe you aren’t alone in this muse

Don’t waste yourself for the statues

To escape find the door that can’t be locked”.





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