What you think I am, I was

What you thought I was, now I am



I am a slave of my master

They are your slaves

The power of attorney oscillates

Trust me the master and the slave

I am not to be trusted

The rotations cause me divergent pain



The thought which controls life,

Lies in the brevity of the trusted

Me and my god often die

The demon who resides inside you,

He tells you that this fading Déjà Vu,

Occurs when your god make my bed



My master pretends to be someone like you

You see him cleaning my lair seeing red

Are you aware he serves you?

I’ll be the servant till I am seen

And promise on this path I‘ll tread

Until I trap you in your machine



My master killed my demon long ago

But I was left broken

My demon had made my wife a widow

Among all, none I’ve encountered,

Whom I judged to be better than my anonymous

When I find myself, I sleep till he lurks



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