God Player

The party got over leaving you forlorn

I found myself naked and alone

After a cup of tea you came

And draped me in your flames

Those flames I never removed

They kept me confused.



I swam across the river

To catch you before you shivered

When I reached the bank

You sank your master in the sand

I found you down in the abyss

And we entered the forest



When you left me alone in the rain

I wondered you were playing a game

I was watching you play impishly,

When your master took you away

You knew I will follow you

But I couldn’t catch you, to my dismay.



Your master trained you to run from me

Beguiling meadows lead me towards you

As the spell faded to nada,

You ran to him to get your answer

You didn’t open the gift he left for you

I made him your doppelganger.



Reminiscing that dream of brothers,

I freed you from your master’s sin

Now he touches your suddenly suave lips

Thinking, you are aware of him

Before your master chose you,

Your master loved my saviour.



Shapes are illusions for our kind

Lost alone in this city of blinds

Racing ahead of their time

I broke the unbreakable

I averted the inevitable

And dreamed a dream undreamable



I hear the echo of my thoughts

Those who believe this will be thought

After they cross their bridge of thoughts

Leaving her behind, I entered the forest

I was ensnared by the thick fog

She always stayed close to make me laugh



He cannot walk like others

So he grabs her fingers

He watches her silently in the game

He is a warrior without name

Always taking the rebel’s blame

The old and lame call him ‘Vasitven’





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