merry go round

A boy and a girl went to a fair. This fair was not like any other fair, and it had just one ride, a merry go round and it wasn’t functional. There were also three shops which were closed too. There were other kids who were wandering here and there; no adult could be seen in that place. Suddenly a voice came from a loud speaker near the merry go round, ‘the ride is going to start in few minutes, and kids can grab a seat in the ride.’ The boy and the girl with all the other excited kids ran towards the merry go round and grabbed a seat. All of them were surprised to find out that the number of seats in the ride was exactly the same as the total number of kids present in the fair. Everyone eagerly waited for the ride to start.


The Merry go round started; it went clockwise. All the kids shouted with joy, but the boy felt sick, he noticed the girl is enjoying. And suddenly the ride changed its direction and started to swing anti-clockwise as a result of which now the girl was feeling sick, and the boy started enjoying. After some time, the ride stopped, and everyone got down. The three shops were open now one selling food one sold books, and one was empty and dark. The boy and the girl went inside the empty shop and slept. Other kids revelled the whole night.


Next evening the loudspeaker announced the same words again. The kids again ran and grabbed a seat, but two seats stayed empty this time as the boy and the girl were apprehensive, the Merry go round didn’t start this time as if it was waiting for the two kids. Then the girl took the boy’s hand and both took their seats in the ride, this time they didn’t find seats together but they could clearly see each other’s faces. When the ride started the boy again felt sick, and he saw the girl enjoying but to his surprise he saw that like him, rest of the kids were feeling sick and this time they were not enjoying. Then after some time when the ride changed its direction of rotation boy started feeling light and was enjoying and as the boy thought the girl got sick now. The rest of the kids still not feeling well were shouting to stop the ride. After sometimes the ride stopped, and everybody went to the empty stall and slept.

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