paralyze my mind

Hey you, the one of a kind

Soften the words in my mind

Come to me for real,

Help me win the deal,

Give this dog his share.

Release him.


The dog committed this crime,

That brought him back to your time.

Show him your worries,

Tell him that story of those fairies,

That brought him to his prime.

Feed him.


I promise I won’t want you again

I know you’ll stay till I rest in peace again,

Although you know I’ll rest in peace,

Only when I find the one,

Our secrets force me to return,

I know god more than my weapon.


What they thought is not what they think now

And I’ll never give away my golden plough.

Maybe you are right,

I’ll die without your vow.

And your suffering has made me alone,

Only my wanderings are known.


We all received out of pure

Those who knew us,

Don’t know us anymore.

Those who never knew us,

1would want more than they are given,

About us, they have always been mistaken.


Following is tougher than searching a Jaeger

In one second I am a god,

In another I am a beggar

To be with them I disguise myself as a pauper.

Alas, neither I can trust God more than your sign,

nor can I smile benign.


Let your freedom begin

Stop this conspiracy beckoning.

The dog once gave up his bone,

For your slippers that shone,

Which he thought went missing.

Unleash him.


It does not matter

Nothing matters

Even if I die

One thing I care for,

Is what we leave behind

Girl, paralyze my mind.


And may you pass in all his tests

Arindharans don’t have a clue,

They try to put me to rest.

No machine can break the code I follow,

Only a living can do it.

My code brings me pure gold,

I am the richest man in the world.


I was born deaf but I found god

I harvested the reaping of my loss.

Shrusim showed me a way to summon

The newborns of Arindhara in their sleep,

They thought I was a ghost in their dreaming,

I called our meeting place the Sysandria dynasty.

It lay in the barren half of Silent forest of dreams.


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