When he left her for the war,

No one knew what the soldier said to his mother

Never doubt that he knew his enemy well

He believes in the reason he kills for

He knows he can not kill the reason of madness

But he knew madness will end if he wins the war.



He learned soon the war was fixed by the generals

He mused, ‘If I could do it I would have done it’.

He could have killed both sides’ generals,

But he was diverted by his duty

Carrying remorse he returns home unscathed.

The generals couldn’t lure him by the bounty

Back at home looking at his broken mother

He thinks now, he should have chosen.



A virus broke in the continents

Who delivered it, thought it would change everything

Infected ones became its defences

The virus multiplied till scientists found a cure

Mankind survived because of something undefined

The evil realized later, it once forged the impure

The world will face a new incurable disease,

Each time one of the offenders gets a release.



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