Final Fate

Ghostword led me deep inside the Silent Forest

To the Lion’s den in the heart of the forest

Inside that dark cave I marched slowly

I felt immense pleasure that ended abruptly

When I came to my senses I remembered everything

About Arizel and all that happened before my slavery

I found myself in a dingy room lying on a bench

I climbed the stairs in front of which rested a statue of a wench

As I moved on I saw a hallway down the alley

I saw many cellar doors, but none carried the numbers I bore

There were writings on the walls, I myself left a mark

I saw light at one end it lead me back to the woods



I heard a voice calling me in that eerie silence

The voice cried, “I am the lion of silent forest of dreams

You are the first Kayle reborn

The ghostword gave you the power of transforming

Combining both good and evil armies,

You escaped my squared planning.

In Arindhara the body matters not the souls

There devil dances like a snake writhing on your songs.

Here, animals and infants take a peaceful stroll

Arizel keeps writing the sacred verses

I altered your destiny using her beauty

Now you are ready for your final duty”.



I shouted, “Where’s Arizel?”

“She was the only Kayle left save you

You both are same but she was born here

The elements of Arindhara couldn’t fathom her

You escaped each time, you were aware of my snares

You came out more than twice from my maze

She was with you from the beginning to here.”

Saying this, the Lion ushered her lifeless body

I killed him without holding for an instant,

Arizel appeared beside me in real and held my hand

The sea had now found the sand

Holding the prophesier I realized I was the Lion’s scion



I found out, to bury my memorium,

I need to drown the treasure in the secret river

I sunk Prophesier deep down the water

This turned the pure animals into humans

The traitors became irrelevant ones,

They were sent to the toolshed at once

The white animals received the mountains

I got sucked into a labyrinth

The black animals absconded

With the lions hide, to glorify their dreams

They never knew the treasure,

The prophesier also contained memories.



I woke up and found myself in Teargar

Soon I encountered Arizel,

She had brought Prophesier with her

In Arindhara the illusion faded completely

The bodies came back to their senses,

The visions of the forest they saw clearly.

And they cried remembering the crimes,

Being under the spell they committed unintentionally.

The Lion had dismembered their mind,

To be remembered eternally.

I locked him and his minions

In the toolshed, a galaxy built by me.


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