Final Fate

I am revolving draped in tatters.

A friend I need, but not at the cost of another.

Drowning in the desert, I swayed at the perimeter.

I am being dragged away from you,

Don’t cry when you find my clues.

If you catch me I’ll destroy the machine.


The machine plays with your tears,

I’ll teach you to repair its spares.

Unlike me, you will be able to sell it to my slayers.

The machine decides who takes birth in whose piece

The good ones always receive a better chassis.

A calculus tracks what you do with your treasure.


I found out where you hide

Just after I got my first prize

The machine was built by my mind

Those who don’t pay you a dime,

What they think never try to find

Otherwise you will lose your prime.


When man destroys something unwanted,

The machine measures his advantages.

It sets him off on the battle ground

Telling him, “you are the only captain to be found”

Machines which were deleted from existence

Became the arrows of this captains quiver,

And stand on the bank surrounding the river.


You tread the endless bank of the river

You forgot what you left on the other side of the river.

The captain tries to communicate with me

Sometimes he succeeds in commanding me

That’s the time when I destroy his machines.

When the captain’s soldiers see their goals shatter,

The captain finds the stone belonging to the soldiers.


Animals fight only after losing their minds,

The time sits under a tree and hears your cries.

You accept your fate as you failed to avert it,

You long for the lowlands you deserted

They lie on the other side of the river.

You won’t get any respite,

For once you deserted the captain for a quiver.


The machine multiplies accumulating their kind.

I smother you, you sing rhymes.

Believe you will return

When the never ending war is won,

The illusion would end,

We will meet each other,

Till then you’ll deplete and I’ll protect.



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