Mind Mirror

Some fight to win, the rest become the orphans

Anyone who reads the book gets emancipation

What you will do to me in Arindhara,

Will decide your time of incarceration

I tell the same story from the book every day,

At dusk I leave for the doldrums



Vasitven walked lifting a cage full of horns

His breath faltered just after completing his song

When I asked him what is the reason of life,

Story in the Timebook of clocks happened

What you choose I chose long ago

I built the machine which wrote your anecdote



Animals are still arriving and they keep singing

I was lost in the ends when I reached

I found out love is the only thing one needs.

Judgement is not about right or wrong

Neither it is about vengeance

It is an illusion that condemns



Don’t think about the stillness in the pond

The ascetic meditates to avoid disturbing his surround

That which is less is deemed precious,

So to become a precious they kill their own

No matter how big a sun you become

Darkness will always haunt your kingdom



Devil is not a fool

He knows all that happens,

Happens as it is God’s will

What I did for you may be not enough

But it kept you alive for few seconds

While drowning in water I celebrated my wins



Life gives lessons for a test we’ll face in afterlife

The test of which none are aware

The results sway all living tribes

For my entertainment rebels become toys

They give me something nobody can see

I couldn’t lose it as much I try, maybe it keeps me alive



I showed my master my hands soiled by toil

What I left behind,

Still dwells in the caves of the forest

Future is a thing you will now trust

I used to steal flowers for the orphans

My master said one day I can have a garden



My master never disavowed me

Even after finding I was tainted

The reason was that all other too were tainted

Now sitting alone in this empty zoo

I wait for the other recruits to retire soon.

So that I could finally see, what we proved



Sceptics can’t stay in the magical universe

Where the creator is old possessing silent creatures

Neither do they reside in a world of invention

They dwell in dead nostalgic past

They become food for the mass

They’ll see their eyes always as a reflection



The time decays, they ravel in time

Waiting to become something divine

None of them returned since they arrived

They ask Pain, ‘who is your equal?’

It replies, ‘The end of the universe’

The answer they could never hear



They tied a knot they couldn’t untie

Longing to find their lost shelter

They find absolution in the unknown power

Trusting the unknown mechanism

They believed imagination

Is a manipulation of reality



You search the whole world

For a thing which only you have saved

You will never reach it if you are scared

Why do you cry for this world?

There is a song which you’ve never heard


If you feel lost and alone

Come to me, take my hand

I will take you to wonder land

Brimful of songs nobody ever sang

Here all possess paralysed minds.





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