The gathering

Hello, I am back

Those who are new,

need not listen when the bones clatter

I know you are perplexed

Bienvenue to my secret place

You can now darken the room

It’s time for a ghostword tune

My wings are unchained,

under her incandescence

Do what you are told by the infants.



Those who were windswept just now

They went to buy a tongue to whisper,

With the gold they earned here

One day you might join the fire

I will keep coming in the same attire

I do that to you as soon you will join them

And when you help me in my quest,

One day I’ll take you to the other half of the forest.

And then bestowing upon you the powers,

To woo the Arindharan blizzards,

I’ll move ahead to find where Vasitven rests.

You will never know my name,

Infants call me Vasitven.



The newborns which are blind,

Cannot hear me as they live the puppeteer’s life

I read their palms and tell their fortune,

The way the astrologer taught me at home.

They always laugh and become the nature,

Salvaging those whom ventriloquist prune.

For me my master is like an unfinished chapter

I say magic words whenever I see his miracle,

Shrusim and her lads stay magical

“Hannad navaer!!”

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