The astrologer

I wish I could feel your demons

I possess the maniac’s mirror as I promised

Close your eyes and trust me

I am the keeper of melodies

Order of the other has been given

The addicts are marching in unison

Play the strings measure the deep memories

One day you will write your own elegy

The alone Arizel burns so bright

Silent forest of dreams screams in the moonless night

I am the keeper of the key

Silent forest of dreams doesn’t possess any energy

There love has no reservation

Endless are these harbingers of thine

The animals and trees are afraid of Rakhtavar the Lion

If you will go to the existent half of the forest

The Lion will transform you when you enter inside

There everyone will possess numerous lies

You will revolve in both the worlds till you escape

Leave this grave and return to the everglades



The truth is hidden from you

For your mind cannot occupy it

You may be alone or you may be known

But all have almost same dream of home

Taking birth as a human is a soul’s first life

And the soul will always be born as a human

Until the soul, encounters the unknown

Then it will be able to take birth as any entity of its will

And join them who lived like it in this world

And rest in any of the universes’ realms

For you to survive remembering is enough

Your sins only delay your emancipation

The king of the hidden kingdom waits for the one

The one who took least time to get undone

You muse about silent forest of dreams

Where moon rises from the debris

Delivering darkness over the day

But you don’t remember it

It lays in your long forgotten dreams



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