The equal of time

When the puppeteer was a child

He paid attention to only language and science

He wondered, how come other children did things,

Which he couldn’t bear, because he was told

Everyone is equal here day or night.



One evening after the show was over,

He was deceived by his ventriloquist

He found the ventriloquist did not leave him much

Not even a single quarter

But the ventriloquist left the marionettes of plaster



The astrologer made the puppeteer very rich

And he hid his money well

When robbers crept in his abode,

They learnt hurting him makes them burn slowly

He gave them willingly what remained after opening his fist.



He now wants to hear the songs

The ventriloquist sang in the show

As the puppeteer was deaf since he was born

He could make the puppets dance on the ventriloquist’s song,

Cause he was aware of existence of the lord.



Whenever he went to the astrologer for a prophecy,

The astrologer lured by his splendour prophesized after infinity

Those who arrived later in his life,

He called them the newborns,

As before they were born they had his form.




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