The god without devil

Anger is the only tinker which fills devil’s coffer,

Be it intelligence or stupidity, none lasts forever.

It seems as I soliloquize when I converse with Arizel,

She is the one, who is always present near me,

Who I cannot see, she wants to set me free.


Droopy trees call me when they are in pain,

Sunny skies want to make me their slave,

The misled river puts me for sale.

When I fall all of the three dances in rain,

The one who catches me brings their souls back again.


I can help only one of these three nature’s games,

For that I would have to spend one lifetime with them.

I always get crucified in the world which they think as realistic.

What I do only Arizel knows, she saves me when I shed my skin.

She is a lore sung in the existent half of silent forest of dreams.


When I lose her I jump from the mountains

Her reflections pore out as blood from my body,

Fools understand only the language of religion and money,

They won’t understand the story I keep telling.

This story the trees, the skies and the river are listening,


Upon them I shower my grace, they readily accept their fate.

Contemplating the devil’s yearnings

I couldn’t find the equal of time,

Following the stars was my one and only crime.

All that I earn make my past shine.


In a single moment lie a zillion moments,

It’s up to you how many you can collect.

May be the lion doesn’t know I have the stone,

It will bring me near his home,

I always carry the skies with me, to mask my bronze.


To save the skies I fought with Arindharan winds,

The river is curious when she’ll mingle with the Prophesier

She thought she never deserved the celestial water.

I slay which you have never seen,

And I keep hunting for the ghostwords within.


My enemies know me only after my senescence.

What I am doing to them now is not for her care.

Love sinks in the devil’s heart as a faltered prayer.

The worldly offerings are like blood on my broken bronze.

I vowed I would not let Ventriloquist rise again.


May be your future and past are certain

And you can do nothing about it in your present

Still if you believe, you can do your will in future,

Destinies are latent, but try as much you can,

You cannot control them in action.


When I met the animals of the forest

Some of them welcomed me some were at unrest

Lion’s minions gave me a hard time.

I heard her voice in my head,

Every time I was assaulted or distressed.


Arizel sent the good animals for my help

Vasitven too appeared to give me short rest.

Lion wanted me to forget her and my powers

So that her voice seem to me as a nightmare

Unaware but somehow I found the Lion’s daunting lair.




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