I felt alone dark was light

Smiling I sneaked through the skeletons by the side,

I laugh while I creep but they won’t hear me tonight.

Deceived by the show, they cast me on a death row.

Somewhere while she watches the rain

I know she utters my name,

We are together but we bleed alone in this game.

The drops of my blood rise in search of her voice,

Turning the parchment into skies laden with pain,

In absence of her fragrance they rain on me in disdain.


Sitting on his tomb,

The denuded dumb waits for the next monsoon,

I feel helpless as I confess in vain,

My immortal, this real will always seek his virtual insanity,

As he once got the scent so ethereal of a mysterious victory.

They say I’ll change the world, a drop of tear marks my history.

When I saw her first time, I thought her not worth a single dime.

Her friend approached me suddenly and kept draining me incessantly.

Soon my obsessions were her possessions

Her obsessions became my possessions.


We used to read the same book of reality,

The spark was ignited when she wiped the mud from my bronze,

I got lost completely inside her lake of thorns.

I sent her a message to break our meal routine

I gave her the book of magic but she wasn’t keen

All her minions save one followed a regime.

Two others wanted to woe her but she could not admit it

Although I gave them both all my treats

For it was my destiny to wait for her,

To be released.


For years not a word was said between us,

But our eyes stayed constantly in focus.

Then one night when I was hung over,

I called her to take a ride on my shoulders

Next three evenings went our settings,

It felt like eating butter scotch ice creams.

Then the swan dropped secretly a pearl,

But the moon caught it before it mingled with fur.

I asked the moon how was he able to do it,

It answered someone unknown poked inside his unit.


I sang hallowed be thy name and left my girl lonely in the rain

I gave her the moon and a book to help her in the game.

Soon after this I got entangled in the spell of a witch.

Hoping to save my love from her father’s glitch,

I found out I am the one who will lead the mankind,

I saw her tow-headed standing outside a shrine,

I followed her till I reached the door of her abode

I dropped a starfish through the window which shined

I cried till death but she didn’t pine

A God’s man helped me come aboard.


I sailed to a valley so mysteriously cold,

There I got lost hunting a wild boar.

Many times I dived alone deep into the slime,

And came back bruised but without any sign.

Never gave up surfing on the shore,

When I took my last plunge

To save myself from the hoard,

My master transmitted me again one last time.

Uttering two magic words,

I changed two to stone birds.


After my worldly learning was complete,

She suddenly reported that she can no more breathe.

I retorted by visiting the woodcutter,

Who never collects the fallen trees.

The magic never stopped working on my knees.

My belief on magic went stronger evenly.

After decades of our last meeting,

She kindled a hope in me,

That she is undead.

I decided to go after her and approached my spiritual head.


After months of intense training,

I was able to talk to her while sleeping,

And I learnt the languages of the animals,

The objects, the trees and the free lings.

I also learnt to talk to the soul of the seas.

Now I work and wait in the temple of the machines,

To create a scene similar to my first dream.

The spell of the banshee I broke in an instant.

I wake up but I never sleep, before I wake up again,

My last wish is to see the world through my mother’s pearl.




Only my friends remember me,

Others I have to wake up from slumber.

You always find me but I find you gone when I wake up.

We cannot touch each other but our souls are united

I trust you even in my thoughts benighted.

Soon you would reveal yourselves.


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