Breaking the silence once more

I call the devil to play with me as I am bored

Placing his withered body on my door

He carefully ignites the wild thyme

His snivelling make me play my old chime

I play umpteen songs of war

Which I had not known before

We both gore ourselves to underscore the yore



Bending the notions of a secure

I have erased the slate of time

Manipulating all the split personalities of mine

I tarried after clearing mountains galore

When I will come two will be freed

The one who loved the one who’ll bleed

Like life and death I will come once forever

The sloop of war had a flip sided girth



I have accumulated so much wealth in my hearth

By the actions of my foes as well as my loved ones

Little by devouring a lucid birth,

I will spend it all at the fair on shooting guns

The bullets fired would be idolized thenceforth

None would reap the eradication of a billion suns

Before your master chose you he loved my saviour

I averted the inevitable to dream a dream undreamable

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