I follow your signs to extremes

I chase you when I am awake

I chase you in my dreams

I don’t want to but it’s involuntary



When I will come two will be freed

The one who loved and the one who will bleed

Teachers of the truth will flee

They’ll find none is getting deceived



I kill the demons instantly

For me torturing is not a necessity

Till I am here suicide none will try

As they know if they do they won’t die



Like life and death I will come once forever

Everything return back knows the gardener

He grows many different plants in the yard

A wandering grain seeks one floret



He dies or leaves depends on the chants

But if he gets the pardon

Those who hid behind their religion

Will never be able to wear pants



Some really loved him

Some pretended that they loved him

Some didn’t love him

Some pretended that they didn’t love him



But no one could live without him

And only one knew who he was

The one who is now with him

She long ago accepted his sin

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