Enemies of the sun

When you see him come near

You kill the light by deception

Bride’s daughters sleep all night

They pray for him in all fashion

At dawn they see him turn blind

At dusk every image of the day,

Flash through his tired mind

Only the daughters see him play

For others all he does is whine.



You lurk beneath his shadows

He trusts your insanity in crime

When his sword touches the sky

Your blood will freeze eternally

He’s the one who should not be

Father will forgive you in time

To reach him you shouldn’t try

Dying will not get you an invite

His truth is that death is a lie.



Verses inside him stay unsung

He failed to replicate it to real

But he has escaped the heavenly sin

You search about truth of death

Darkness deceives the fate you had

All souls return back to breathe

You’ll understand more if you see

When your little worlds clank

He traps you in his somatic raiment.



Architects of future gave him a diary

He locked an endangered species in it

Child of god gets no chance to fight

His ego triggers the countdown

The era of flying kites is long gone

He can subdue the reign of calamity

She pays the price to bring him home

Believing one day he’ll till the ground

She only deserves the winning crown.


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