The magician entered alone in the game

Soon by the oppositioner he got enslaved.

During day the magic seldom works,

Night brings no respite

Same days pass with different suns

The player cries emptying his glass of wine

He gave her up by his choice,

She could transform his misery to joy.

Now when she comes to his land,

She still admires his ghastly mane

Her portrait looms behind the curtains

For her he is a traveller without name.

She sleeps beside him with pleasure,

For she knows she’ll never sleep after tonight,

Her coming dawn has no demise.



Her parting words to him always the same,

“When I see you conspire

I wonder you do it to hurt or help

I can’t tell you I see you conspiring

As you think my sight is blinding.

I’ll leave you now as you are

One day we’ll meet again

Then If I find you were the culprit,

I’ll make you what I was.

But if you were my savior,

I’ll make you what I am.

My lover has become like them,

Who once stood against me and him,

And now he stands between me and you.

I turned into the only one,

I murder the newborns of his clan.”



What the magicians said,

Still echoes in the oblivion,

“I don’t know what you have become

But I know you are immortal like me

We now feed on each other’s felicity.

You made me what was your lover

But I’ll not become like Rakhtavar

Yes, we will meet again if I win the game

But I won’t wait; I’ll lose so that you could stay.”

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