When he woke up he hungered for forgotten poems,

Bewildered Arindharans stared at both of them,

They surrounded him when she was weak,

For hours she broke the clouds that hung over his cemetery.

He once fell in love with her without knowing her name,

She tried to tell him, “They are unaware when they push you,

They will never accept what they did against you,

Entering their body animals makes them do this to you,

If you blame them they will not believe you

They don’t see what animals do to you.”


He sought refuge in the doldrums without knowing her chastity,

Staring the darkness, sculptures he carved on a pale azured iron tower,

He suffused the darkness by the light of his chisel.

They buried him in a sepulchure.

The forest stank of water and camphor

Their lanterns wouldn’t cast her shadow,

So they followed a rainbow and found her shelter.

Tied to a tree her body bled bare

Every time she was assailed, he wasn’t unaware

They set her free as they didn’t find her mellow.


She dragged them to the nightmares of the lion kingdom,

She saw him again in the silent forest impeding the secret river

She brought balance by slaughtering the souls;

Of those who had locked him in the graveyard

Where the god as well as the devil has to die every single night;

Devil cheats and commits suicide before the dusk arrives.

Now she buys the bodies left behind after their demise,

She makes the souls, belonging to these bodies, one of his kinds.

The cry demanded they must thrive, forcing the endless river to teach,

It implored, “No mercy for traitor such as thee.”


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