Future Toy

They don’t have enough life

But they never mind

As their hunger gets satisfied



The soldier never thought why he kills

Terrorists rebuild

Corpses left behind being shields



Faces full of trust

Cowering all over the place

Dust covers his face



Question without an answer exists

Only existence could reveal

Suicide of time will soon be seen



When meltdown enters poor lives

It shakes them but they survive

Only thing that rages is science



Potential of the madman sways

He digs his grave early next day

Scars from past barred astray



Maybe I am right and truth you see

Maybe I am wrong and you retreat

Ghostword making universe limited



Slaves can’t enter the holy ground

Tread mighty heights to reach my lair

Out of control piercing blaze



Pray god to answer devil

A dying wish all you need

To remember what mortality feels



Hunt closer to the hills

Preview forgotten memories

Long awaited fate concealed



The ghostword is locked in the toolshed

It reveals the fundamental world

Very few can enter alert



The Lion and his minions secretly weep

Their cries loud reveal nothing

They show off while extending the ring



Forgotten memories, turning dreams

Enchanting with his toys from future

The time traveller loses his timing



Eternal trinity grips the greedy

March into the battle field naked

Righteous kill diffuse anarchy



Death finished living unlimited

Evil feeding till eternity

Hidden from scarred destiny



Faith arrives burdened

Your reflections beckon

Distribute old summons



The place that should not be

Impossible to create again

Path of the prophecies blackened

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