an excerpt from ‘THE TOOLSHED’

The Kayle told the newborns, “The Lion released Shrusim; in exchange I let him take my body which was stronger than his. He needs it to travel to different lands to slay the golden eggs hidden by Ventriloquist which will become dragons and destroy the world, while I rested bodiless inside any cave in the Silent Forest of Dreams with Shrusim. When I get my body, I go to Arindhara. The Arindharans who are under the spell of Ventriloquist think I am the Lion. I promised Astrologer that I will emancipate Arindharans from Ventriloquist’s control, but now I am powerless because of the Lion. I was raised by my master to become something which no one even I didn’t knew until I became that, but he did something which made Ventriloquist think that I was, even when I was not. My master is the only one who knows how to make me sleep, preventing the Lion from taking my body. My nightmares become my only memories.”

 “When I met Shrusim in the Silent Forest for the first time, she said to me, “You are an only Kayle who is present in Arindhara that is why the Ventriloquist gives you misery through entities and elements of Arindhara, it makes him stronger, but forces far stronger than him have saved you till now. Arindharans knew everything about the Kayles before Arindhara was incarcerated by the Ventriloquist’s machine. Now today no one knows who or what a Kayle is, they can use only less than half of their free will. They follow Ventriloquist’s orders and remember only that which he wants them to. But the machine has no control over the Kayles and the newborns of all living entities of Arindhara.”

 She gave me a magic Sysandria stone and told that it was a piece of the Prophesier she stole from the Lion of Silent forest of dreams. It had many powers but I knew only one that it could summon the souls of all the newborns of Arindhara and take them to the barren half of silent forest of dreams called grey grasslands whenever I wanted. Some of them became like Shrusim and started moving between the two realms, they used to call themselves the infants, when they grow into adults the Ventriloquist’s machine influence them and they forget everything and become minions of the ventriloquist.”




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