March blind

Pursue signs

Death baptize

Unholy divine



Awaited torture

Dawn decides

Reaper reappears

Bells materialize



Life saved

Endless calm

Shades fade

Breath reset



Writing winds

Heavier clouds

Ugly silence

Short demise



Magnetic variance

Tranquilize evil

Tubes refill

Judgment longs



Secret erased

Moral mistake

Legacy fled

Conquered realms



Sinner immortal

Mortal men

Chosen pray

Unforgiven forgives



Sorrow fades

Darkness glaze

Promises hide

Tomorrow magnetized



Pyramids line

Photos blind

Belongings coiled

Souvenirs died



Past illusion

Present conspiracy

Worlds created

Clans demented



Nothing left

Seek death

Fly up

Wings bereft



Seeker Morpheus

Creator Neo

Neo Seeks

Saga continues



Distant past

Dreamed last

Stolen nightmare

Wake up, dear



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