Silent energy

Howling motor

Colonized tributary

Storm floater


Love unslept

Critic command

Clown wept

Raining gold


No ceremony

Help glass

Imperium matrimony

Deserving last


Escape embrace

Machine metal

Goddess program

Expiry rental


Grave special

Clung trinket

Pluck petal

Rethink it



Cat throat

Blow balloon

Being quote

Martyr tune


Fear me

Respect me

Hate me

Leave me


Do this

Hiding secretly

Thought complete

Acquired conspiracy


I hurt

But only

I cure

Craft remotely


Road recline

Expect snow

Name conceal

Tides throw


Old neighborhood

Clue weaves

Cover wood

Clean sleeves


Circle heart

Stellar prison

Flesh chart

King kingdom

 to be contd.




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