The oppositioner  


You don’t see what I am seeing

You don’t hear what I am hearing

Your imagination is keeping you,

at the place where you are living.

They decide what you express

It is done exactly how they want

But their independence is limited

They can punish but cannot teach

God of this era is a freak.

How they are using you,

Sometimes they let me see.



He takes what you should be granted

He is being hidden from you by them

And they are also hidden

Your freedom of choice is created

Only they know you are a human

Others scowl at you with suspicion

Liberty exists but as an exception

The sham becomes a disposable one

Extend the ring of freedom.

Evidences are worthless to the divine

Don’t let the voices shroud your mind.

The Kayle to Arindharans(from THE TOOLSHED 1)


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