Births & Deaths

Rakhtavar somehow took control of the river of life and he trapped the first Kayle in the barren half and went into existent half. The first Kayle succeeded in building a bridge over the secret river of life and reached the existent half. The first Kayle killed Rakhtavar and entrapped his soul in the body of a Lion. The river of life got tainted.  Before he was killed Rakhtavar had disfigured the bridge and made it disappear. The bridge appears now only for a short time and in decades. When first Kayle was reborn he was like the newborns, he was the one who took all newborns to the barren half of Silent Forest of Dreams. No one not even the animals of Arindhara or the Kayle himself knew about Sysandria or Rakhtavar or how SFOD came into existence. Many newborns thought the first Kayle reborn may be evil but all knew he is not their enemy. They started to believe in him when he crossed the river of life without the bridge. The animals of SFOD betrayed him and lured him towards the Lion. The bridge had reappeared and didn’t vanish since the Kayle crossed the river of life.

 Since then the newborns cross this bridge to enter the existent half of SFOD. Some join animals and some go against them. When newborns enter they become immortal and dwell in SFOD with the animals who dominate Arindharans. Ventriloquist was an ally of the animals he had devised a mechanical weapon which only he could wield. But then after a long wait, the first Kayle turned the existent half into barren and the barren half into a fruitful one. And the Toolshed came into existence of which only very few know. Rakhtavar the Lion, ventriloquist and evil animals were trapped in the Toolshed. Army of Arizel rested in peace. The word newborn became needless. And what happened to the Kayle after that stayed unknown to everyone in Arindhara or Silent Forest of Dreams.



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