Lion in the toolshed

When Rakhtavar, the Lion found himself in the first Kayle’s toolshed world, he wondered where was he and how he arrived there. He used all his powers to escape from there but failed. One day he was resting beside a river and suddenly he saw a women emerge from the deep water in front of him.  She called herself Atmi. She said to him, “No one knows how or why you came to the Toolshed but we know you are different from everyone else here in this world called the Toolshed. There are sentient entities here, that have arrived here like you and there are those about whom no one knows, who were here since the beginning. And the one who finds them will become their master, till than everyone will be their puppets. They know you and they will defeat you every time you are about to find them, to defeat you they will always use one same weapon against you. You will see me again if you become their master.” And saying this she disappeared. 


 Shrusim’s voice echoed in the Toolshed. Rakhtavar lay under a pine tree helpless, unheeding the voice thinking warily, “Arizel is Atmi. Arizel is Atmi. Arizel is Atmi. The Toolshed keeps changing but its inhabitants never. The Toolshed is beautiful first and then it turns ugly until it is again beautiful. The machine, that motor is programmed to cause this as it’s a protocol for those who are like me. If anyone knows my secrets she is Atmi. Shrusim wants to prove she is Arizel. Sometimes our enemy makes the Toolshed divine.”

Rakhtavar’s attention drew towards the voice when he heard her say something which made him forget what he just thought. He started paying heed like others like him to what she was saying, “…by the Prophesier. The first Kayle reborn knows he is a Sysandrian but still follows the rules of the Toolshed whereas Rakhtavar breaks all the rules thinking he is a Sysandrian. Rakhtavar longs for more of what only he possesses in the Toolshed. So now he is taking revenge on the newborns… ”

Rakhtavar no more paid attention to the voice, he mused “I know I’m a Sysandrians but I think I’m an animal of the Silent Forest of Dreams, who is just different from the other animals. I was forced to leave the forest because I did not obey the rules of the Toolshed. Only Atmi knows the truth that I left the forest intentionally. I mistake my powers sometimes as illusions of some kind. I’m the one who is secretly respected in the fundamental world, loved by Atmi and feared by all in the Toolshed and rest of the Multiverse. I’ll soon overpower my one and only enemy the First Kayle and bring justice… But I need to get my memories back so that I can become more powerful than the Kayle and for that I must somehow reach Sysandria. The unknown one either is my Vasitven or Arizel. I am either his Vasitven or I am Rakhtavar.”

Atmi deception

A master to the slave, “You are tired of facing such tests. I will not tell the reason behind these tests you and others like you face often. These tests are given only for you and all your kind at the same instance. I know you haven’t met others of your kind. Remember each test is meant for only one of you. If the one for whom a test was meant for passes it, all of you will be released. Since you and your kind are still my slaves, those who encountered the test meant for them, couldn’t pass it. The way you used only one weapon against me every time, you might be aware I give the same test to all of you each time. Either the test meant for you hasn’t occurred yet or it did and you failed. There is this one thing called Ghostword which everyone in your world knows except you and there is me about whom no one in your world knows except you.”


an excerpt from ‘The Toolshed”


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