Arindharans die and as they turn into an animal, they gain knowledge of all the past lives they had. Most of them remembered they had seen the first Kayle reborn. The first Kayle reborn hadn’t left Sysandria since long, he watched over the world silently from there.  For long Arindhara and the forest were united they witnessed an era of peace but then again animals started using their power against Arindharans. A war between Arindharans and animals started.


Rakhtavar escaped from the Toolshed with the army he built and unleashed his fury upon Arindhara and Silent Forest of Dreams. The Sysandrian returned but this time didn’t send Rakhtavar to the Toolshed but gave him an eternal slumber. All his troops were locked again inside the Toolshed. Rakhtavar is a sleeping immortal feared by all. They know Rakhtavar is unstoppable once awake. He can devour the whole forest and drink all the celestial water of the river of life.


After many centuries Rakhtavar was awakened by a swarm of Rakhtavar’s minions who found a way to escape the Toolshed again and then an era of chaos arrived. The Toolshed was gone, crumbled into dust, these minions realized there strength had magnanimously increased in the world outside the Toolshed. They now called themselves Suiciders. Arindhara and the forest were divided again. The Kayles were forgotten history. All Arindharans were slaughtered, animals of the forest were enslaved, when these Arindharans died they reached the forest as animals they were too sent to Arindhara like other animals to work. Arindhara transformed into a manufacturing unit with only the animals left who built machines for Rakhtavar and Suiciders.


 Arindharans who were present in the forest at the time of Rakhtavar’s awakening and few animals escaped and hid inside the dark caves of the forest far from the reach of Rakhtavar. All animals and the Arindharans left prayed for a savior. They had a hope that a Kayle will take birth, a Kayle was their last hope. But since the era of peace began no Kayle was born again and no animal had turned into Kayle since that time.


Suiciders cannot enter the temple of machine for operating the Ventriloquist’s machine which is inside the temple. They choose the weakest among their slaves as the weak can be controlled easily. To choose a new machinist they conduct a protocol secretly of which these animals aren’t aware.  As the chosen animal learns that he is chosen to use the machine and as he enters the temple of machine, Suiciders know that he would use it against them like all the others before him did. They all failed they get only one chance but as Suiciders were prepared they killed them before they could unleash the weapon against them. After aeons of suffering the one that was chosen, the weakest among equals was someone none had expected. Suiciders couldn’t notice that the other slaves never uttered his name. He was a Lion. He turned into a man moment he took a step inside the temple and a woman appeared who greeted him. Suiciders around him had no idea what was happening they were prepared to ambush the slave as soon as the machine bonded with him. They had not expected a women’s presence inside the temple. They turned to stone before they could do anything. 


Animals had never imagined this when they came to know what occurred they understood chosen slave was a Vasitven, they had no idea why or how. They only knew of Vasitvens from the legends of Sysandria and they knew the prophecy.  The Vasitven sent the Suiciders to the labyrinths of the Toolshed but some of them fled with Rakhtavar and hid in the deep crevices of the forest. The circle of life between Arindhara and the forest which had collapsed now began again. Animals and newborns celebrated their freedom but no one knew anything about the two Vasitvens. They feared the prophecy. According to which the Silent Forest of Dreams will decease after the arrival of any Vasitven and the age of Rakhtavar will begin.


an excerpt from ‘The Toolshed’


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