Condition Kiss

Mistakes of human nature brainwashing my people I won't do what they fear, they won't do what I care When they sinned, I won't but God forgive I prayed. Who walked away, all they could leave behind were their stories Some with happy ending, some wanting to be completed Some teaching life's lessons, some poignant [...]


Soprano hunt

A broken shard of the mirror stuck in his throat Agitated he frantically searched for the maniac The Maniac only could fix that broken mirror   He searched the vast wilderness of his father Surrendered, he frantically cried long Sitting on logs of firewood singing merciful ballads   Scribbling nonsense in a clean blanket Saw a dream [...]

कालघर का स्वप्न

कूड़े के ढेर में कोई चुने नोट कोई चुने कीमती नग जब हार गए तब समझे ये नहीं उनका घर जहां से वो लौटे थे था वो एक कलाकार का महल जो अब कहीं ना आये नज़र थक हार के पहुंचे माता के घर यह एक अनोखा आखिरी घर जहाँ खुद के अलावा सब स्वप्नसार जब राम [...]