गरीब  की  कोई  गलती  नहीं  यहाँ  ना  रईस  की  कोई  अच्छाई

बुरा  सब  चलता  यहाँ  जो  बहुत  बुरा  सिर्फ  उसने  सजा  पाई

गैरों  के  लिए  जिसने  अपनी  जान  गवाइ वो  शहीद  सिपाही

जो  सदियों  से  बेहोश  है  वो  खाये  दूध  मलाई

इधर  अँधा  मांगे  लाठी  और  लंगड़ा ढूंढे  दियासलाई


जिस जिस ने  ईमानदारी  से  भूख  मिटाई

वो  न  अंधे   न  लंगड़े, पूरे होशोहवास में

दरबदर  भटकते  रहे

प्यास  जो  मिट  जाए  वो  कोई  प्यास  नहीं 

असली  अंगार  वही जो  फूल  हुआ  करता  था  कभी

अंतिम अभय



The Miraclist

I pray and worship God because whatever I have read about God in religions, true or false it is so great that it is impossible that it could be written about anyone or anything else.

God performs miracles he never gives any sign. It’s the devil who tries to lure and deceive by magic. God silently watches, never utters a word.

I believe some day in this life or after many, we all meet him.




Burning mazes of hills

protecting the leaders

strong but charred heart

belly devoid of water

dreams of reaching the feet

one hand bound the other grapple


Once ravaged, now rising in fame shivers

bad not evil, has no love no silver

Desires all frozen, openly getting beaten

Bodily senses fight over control

rivers swell the deltas drown

a forest of holy civilization





Time bird

A hidden well inside the university

Leads to the leader of the Valkyrie

The electric eye gazes the entry

Two worlds intertwine when it catches somebody


They send their children here to learn to rule

They shouldn’t be blamed

Never-ending war has extinguished their flame

Only their belief, true or not can save them


Freebirds can rest only in the glares of summer

False footprints misguide to an endless tunnel

Who come back safe are known in the story

Being read right now by the kid next door and his family


Blunt Palm


Body for devil soul for god

That chiromancer gave you less

but more than tinsels the rest got

If only Night returns his shadows

The frost would warm


shine young die hard

One day he’ll ask what you did

with what you only grasped

the answer is the question

the question is the answer


Becoming one is easy

Becoming real one isn’t

Forget anything but love

When you forget everything

He remembers



Who always mattered

never mattered why or when

Thirst of time will never be spent

Workers who never worked for money

Killed cancers when the mountains whitened